A downloadable game for Windows

The Gremlin Factory is a 3D first person view strategic game where you have to sell Gremlins that running through a building, and also preventig them to eat some food to not being eated yourself afterward !

Many Mogwai will try to reach the delivery truck by passing through the hangar. Keep an eye on them while they are on the way!


There is water leaking from the ceiling, and a food vendor who will throw away any unsold items, so be sure to put it all away!


Count the Mogwai on arrival, and try not to be eaten by a Gremlins during this time ...


Producer : Kevin I

Producer : Antoine BOULAY

Game Art : Sebastien RIOUX

Game Art : Nicolas WILLEM


Game Design : Lucas BOURDON

Game Design : Julien BARLET

Game Programmer : Mathieu PREVOT

Game Programmer : Lucas BROSSIER


the gremlin's factory

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